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Pet Training

Private Lesson

Private lessons are for people who wish to be hands-on with their dog.

We work one on one with you and your pet

 We will work with you on simple tasks, such as:

Leash Manners

Puppy Behavior
House Breaking

$150.00 for 1 hour

Pet Grooming

This class will teach you the proper steps needed to groom your very own pet and the grooming tools needed.

You will have one on one, hands on experience.

$200.00 for 1 hour
$100 for each hour after

Call to discuss your breed!

Board & Train

Nanhall specializes in 'Soft Touch' Obedience Training

Reward the Good Behavior and Train your Pup!

The dynamic concept of understanding and communicating in a language the dog could comprehend.

Our Trainer, Steve Fields, has worked with Nanhall Pet Spa for over 20 years.

He'll be happy to discuss with you about your training needs. Your Pet stays with Steve for about 6 weeks and Steve will work with you.

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