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Dog Wash



Combing the Fur

Fast & Neat
Pet Grooming Class

6 week class

$5600.00 plus $1900.00 +/- for Equipment


2023 Class Dates

Oct 30 - Dec 22, 2023

These dates include a extra week

This Class Limited to 4 people.


A 6 week Introductory class that is designed for a person that
is thinking of becoming a Dog Groomer. 

You are hands on from day one.


This Class is held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

9am - 5pm 

Dog lying in the grass
Cute Dog
Cute Dog

Improving Skills Class

Tuition $1200.00 for 4 days (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)


Dates: Anytime as discussed 

This class is for a person who has had training or some experience and have decided

they like this profession and wish to improve.

You will be asked to groom a dog or send the instructor pictures of dogs you have groomed,

to meet the criteria for this class. Your individual needs will be discussed and assessed.

Groomers looking to improve their skills and speed, you have the opportunity

to refine scissoring, increase speed and learn more advanced grooming skills.

Hours will be spent on individualized hands-on training.

Bring Your  Grooming Equipment

Individual Pet Owner Groom Class

Want to Learn how to groom your pet?

This class will teach you the proper steps needed to groom your very own pet and the grooming tools needed.

You will have one on one, hands on experience.  

This class will take about 1 - 1.5 hours, depending on breed and type of groom.

You will need to bathe and dry your dog before the session or have us teach you!

You will need to bring your grooming tools. 

No worries if you don't have  anything  yet ! 
  We will show you and and explain all the equipment you will need in this class!


Nanhall also sells grooming equipment -New and Used for very reasonable prices.


Call to discuss your breed!

Class is on a Wednesday Morning

$200 first hour $100 each hour after

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